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Friday, June 17, 2011

Love Language ~ Building Relationships Radio ~ Saturday, June 19, 2011 ~ Featured Resource ~ First Time Dad by John Fuller ~ Building Relationships ~ Hosts Gary Chapman Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry

Love Language ~ Building Relationships Radio
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Love Language ~ Building Relationships Radio ~ Saturday, June 19, 2011 ~ Featured Resource ~
First Time Dad by John Fuller ~ Building Relationships ~ Hosts Gary Chapman Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry

Building Relationships Radio

Saturday, June 19, 2011

Featured Resource

First Time Dad
The Stuff You Really Need to Know
By John Fuller 


Perhaps the most powerful influence in the world is that of a dad on his child. Baseball gloves, dirty diapers, tiny little hands, first days of school, daddy-daughter dances, and learner's permits... and so much more! There's no way you can be ready for it all, but this is when you need to get a bit of a head start...

"First Time Dad" by "Focus on the Family "ministry veteran (and father of 6) John Fuller lets you in on the stuff you really need to know... because in just a few months or weeks or days, your life is going to change--forever. Set good priorities. Break bad habits and/or family patterns. Recognize and recover from some common fathering mistakes. Know that your words have immense power. And learn how to cultivate a lasting parent-child relationship. So, instead of wondering "oh man, oh man, oh man... what am I going to do now?" for 9 months... read this short book (plus it's pretty fun too) and get excited!

"Dad, your job is critical... And you "can" do it."


John Fuller

John Fuller is vice president of Focus on the Family's Audio and New Media division, leading the team that creates and produces more than a dozen different audio programs. These features are syndicated on thousands of radio affiliates worldwide and many are available online at Since 2001, John has been the co-host of the daily "Focus on the Family" radio program, joining Jim Daly and Dr. Juli Slattery in the studio for the broadcast, which reaches millions of global listeners each week.

He has spoken about a variety of family topics, including the power of praying families, being intentional in your parenting and how to help children develop a faith of their own. John also speaks about business matters, such as the business of relationships, excellence in communication and the value of every employee.

John’s broadcasting career began in 1980 at a college radio station in Wisconsin. In subsequent years he was involved in the start-up of two Christian stations in Tyler, Texas. John has a M.A. in human communications from the University of Northern Colorado and a B.A. in journalism from the University of Texas at Tyler; he also studied at Dallas Theological Seminary. John joined Focus on the Family in 1991.

Married since 1984 to Dena, John is the father of six children. They enjoy a variety of family activities such as camping, visits to local playgrounds and volunteering at their church. John also serves on the board of the National Religious Broadcasters.

Building Relationships 


 Gary Chapman Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry


Building Relationships
First Time Dad
 John Fuller 
Saturday, June 19, 2011 

So you’re going to be a dad? What do you do? Who do you turn to? We hope you’ll turn to this edition of Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman. Our celebration of Father’s Day will feature Focus on the Family’s John Fuller, author of First Time Dad. What are the things you need to know before the little bundle of joy arrives? Some great advice for first time dads, and long time dads as well.

Featured Resource: First Time Dad The Stuff You Really Need to Know by John Fuller

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